We understand New York real estate. Our Account Executives have an average of 15 years of residential management experience, while our executives have been in the real estate industry for over 20 years each. These years of providing the highest level of service to our clients has equipped us with the skills, knowledge and insight to serve them — and you — with distinction.

Our Clients
Our portfolio ranges from a seven-unit townhouse to a 370-unit high-rise. We manage Cooperatives, Condominiums, rental properties and unsold units, and have done so with distinction for over two decades.

Property-Manager Ratio
Our client properties are managed by professional Account Executives who oversee an average of five to seven buildings each. Each Account Executive has a dedicated assistant who is also a management professional.

Emergency Services
We pride ourselves in our experience at handling all kinds of emergencies. We can be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We were faced with well-publicized emergencies in two of our Upper East Side buildings in 2006, both of which were handled swiftly, enabling us to gain control of a difficult situation. We have learned from those experiences, and have instituted emergency disaster contingency plans for many of our buildings.

One of the areas we can help cut costs and provide better service is insurance. Through our strategic alliance with HUB International Northeast and longstanding relationships with a number of highly rated insurance carriers, we are frequently able to negotiate lower premiums. In many cases, we can get increased coverages at a reduced cost. Claims resolutions are simplified as a result of our insight and experience.

Closing and Transfer Department
We have a full staff that handles apartment closings, transfers, sublets and other non-sales transactions. This makes the application and approval process easier for both Boards and applicants, and streamlines an area of building operations that can create tension. Our staff handles hundreds of transactions each year, and their professionalism and attention to detail make the process as smooth as possible.

With a CPA as Chief Executive Officer, the budgeting process is an area of particular strength with Gumley Haft. We work closely with your accountant during the year to monitor income and expenses, and present a budget to your Board that is well-thought-out and realistic. For many Boards, the budgeting process can be a difficult one, but at Gumley Haft our experience and insight make a difference.

Our website has been designed with you in mind. If you have a question or concern, you can probably find the answer there. All of our marketing materials can be found there, as well as contact names, phone numbers and emails. We view our web site as an extension of our service to our clients, and encourage you to visit us

The transition from one management firm to another can be a complicated process. That is why when we take on a new client property, your new Account Executive will attend Board meetings for a month prior to our engagement. During that month, Gumley Haft professionals will speak with Board Members, interact with building staff and review building policies and procedures in order to make the transition as seamless as possible.

We encourage you to contact our Chief Executive Officer,Dan Wollman directly, at (212) 371-2525 ext. 220, to discuss how we can bring our years of experience, our sophisticated systems and our New York real estate insight to bear on improving the operations of your building and help your board plan for the future.