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RE: COVID-19 Virus

Ladies and Gentlemen:

We would like to provide you with an update of some additional policies we intend to implement should there be any interruption in the MTA service or the closing of the New York City Public Schools.

Up until this point, most buildings have not significantly modified their daily operations with the exception of implementing more stringent cleaning protocols both in public areas and amenity spaces. However, as the situation continues and worsens, Boards are looking more and more into eliminating the number of people who have access to the Building. Until now, this involves mostly the handling of deliveries and the use of the service entrance.

Although vehemently denied by public officials, it has been widely reported in the news media that there remains a possibility that both the MTA and New York City Public School System may decide to close or alter their services. Should either event occur, we would anticipate a significantly reduced labor force.

In order to prepare our Buildings for that possibility, we will implement the following proactive measures on Monday, March 16, should either the MTA and/or New York City Public School Systems have any interruption in service:

  • Contractors working in apartments and/or performing non-emergency repairs, will NOT have access to the building.
  • Large deliveries will not be accepted
  • For buildings that accept all deliveries through the service entrance, including food, they will nowbe brought in through the front door of the building. Depending upon available staffing, a building worker will deliver the package to you, or you will be asked to come down to get it.
  • No delivery persons will be permitted past the lobby.

Should there be no interruption in service, the procedures outlined above will NOT be implemented. We continue to monitor this situation closely and will do everything possible to keep our buildings running as effectively and efficiently as possible while keeping our residents safe and secure.If you have any questions regarding the above, please feel free to contact me.

Very truly yours,

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Daniel Wollman
Chief Executive Officer

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