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In 30 years, we’ve solved a million problems for New York coops and condos. Bring us a new one.

Gumley Haft is a leading property management company in New York, known since 1989 for managing some of the city’s most desirable cooperatives and condominiums. Gumley Haft manages pre-and-post war residential apartment buildings throughout the Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Hell’s Kitchen, Gramercy, the Financial District, Brooklyn and Queens. Our teams of property managers and assistants rely on the latest technology for many aspects of residential management, from email notifications and online bill payment, to package tracking and building management systems (BMS). Our experience includes working with architects, engineers, contractors, and our clients, on projects ranging from half a million dollars to over seven million dollars. For 30 years, Gumley Haft has provided customized services to shareholders and unit owners in the New York City real estate market. Talk to us about your building.

Not happy with your property manager?

Want to see a cleaner building?

Need to address a series of capital improvements?

Staff lacks training?

Too many problems unresolved?

Time to search for new property management.

Gumley Haft:

  1. Assigns each building its own account executive, assistant account executive, and finance director, plus a hands-on team of accounting, support and technology professionals
  2. Presents a five-point customized management plan for each client-building
  3. Plans a system of preventive maintenance for each season to extend the useful life of complex building equipment from boilers to HVAC systems
  4. Provides easy-to-understand financial reports, as well as the ability to run customized reports for specific projects
  5. Recommends services from our in-depth network of professionals in relevant fields developed over 30 years
  6. Knows that what works in one building may not be the solution for another

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