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Managing to be the best

Who is
Gumley Haft?

As a management company for New York buildings, we’ve solved a million problems in 30 years. Tell us about yours.

Our custom approach:

What works in one building, may not succeed in another. We address priorities for each client in a five-year plan for today and tomorrow.

Need better property management?

Gumley Haft brings knowledge of every aspect of New York apartment buildings to co-op and condo Boards.

We are your partner.

Boards turn to us for guidance to solve routine to complex, long-term problems.

Why choose Gumley Haft?


30 years of expertise in New York
co-op and condo management


Experienced team of Property Managers


Expert financial management for New York cooperatives and condominiums


Good communication for shareholder and unit owner relations


Solutions for millions of New York building issues


Affordable management, which New York buildings rely upon


Personal service combined with the latest technology


Expertise in compliance with the rules and regulations of NYC building codes

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For the quickest response, give us a call at (212) 371-3010

    Daniel Wollman, CEO, Gumley Haft, will be pleased to give you a call and discuss your building. Thank you.

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