Customized Approach

Boards are as individual as the people participating, and the specifics of the building itself. We know that what works in one building, may not be the solution for another. We take a personal approach to resolving the needs of every building and resident. We listen and learn what is needed from them both.

When Gumley Haft manages a building, boards receive an assigned team of experienced property managers, account executives, financial experts and back office staff that creates customized programs, reports, and projects specific to the unique goals of each client, and in concert with board members. We assess what is needed from top to bottom, including reviewing the physical plant and recommending plans of preventive maintenance to extend the life of equipment and the building itself.

As seasoned professionals, Gumley Haft management draws on our combined experience handling day-to-day issues pertaining to residents, as well as managing complex, long-term issues which emerge in every building. We bring hands-on skills, knowledge and insight as to how to efficiently fulfill the goals of each board with economy and intelligence.

In over 25 years, we’ve probably solved a million and one problems. Talk to us about yours.

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