About Gumley Haft

About Us

Gumley Haft is one of the top property management companies in NYC for coops and condos. Some of New York’s most desirable cooperatives and condominiums depend on the knowledge of Gumley Haft.

As experts in property management for New York apartment buildings since 1989, we have built long-term relationships with our clients by providing sound financial advice, customized solutions, and the resources to assist boards of coops and condos to make informed decisions.

Each Building is Unique

We recognize that each building is unique. What may work well for one client may not be the answer for another. When you work with Gumley Haft, our team structures a five-point property management plan exclusively for your cooperative or condominium.

Led by a CEO with a financial background, Gumley Haft prioritizes financial planning as critical to having a well-run building. Each board works with an assigned Finance Director, and our accounting and reporting systems use the most current technology available.

While we take a proactive approach to preventive maintenance, we also have extensive experience in construction management. As one of the top property management companies in NYC, Gumley Haft has directed complex restoration projects of pre-and-post-war architecture, as well as the installation of boilers, HVAC units, and elevators.

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When Gumley Haft manages a property, we bring the same level of excellence to residents from the East Side to the West Side, the Financial District to Brooklyn, Greenwich Village to Gramercy Park, and other diverse neighborhoods throughout our city.

Full Service Property Management Company

Whether it is a need to initiate preventive maintenance programs, strengthen financial management, develop a capital improvement plan, improve communication, or manage staff, Gumley Haft has excelled in full service property management to New York cooperatives and condominiums for over 25 years.

We are experts in managing the day-to-day routine to the more complex issues which confront our clients. Consult us on challenges your building may be facing.

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