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Property management professionals carry out the rules, policies and procedures of a building’s corporation, and advise on the extensive range of decisions to be made by the cooperative board and condominium board of managers. Your property manager is a specialist in real estate, and in coop and condo ownership in New York. Experienced property managers are extremely knowledgeable on regulations imposed by the city from façade inspections to tax rebates, how to project the life of equipment, to when to change a boiler, and what constitutes the warranty of habitability.


Turn to your property manager for any question about your residence or your building. We will determine what steps to take, whether it is a matter for the superintendent, or if we need to bring your question before the board.


There are several ways to fund capital improvements when it becomes imperative to replace a roof, upgrade elevators, replace the HVAC system or renovate lobbies and hallways. Capital improvements are accounted for differently from expenses necessary to operate the building on a daily basis. Every day expenses are covered by the operating budget, which enumerates wages and related benefits, mortgage payments, taxes, energy and utilities, insurance, professional fees, and others.


If you are planning to renovate your apartment, you must first request permission to do so. For this purpose, a resident must contact their managing agent, or account executive, to alert them to the type of work desired. Typically, there are two types of agreements: an Alteration Agreement for renovation and construction work, or a Decorative Agreement for cosmetic work, such as painting.


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