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Some of New York's most desirable coops and condos depend on the expertise of Gumley Haft.

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Our clients rely on our advice to plan and reach their short-and-long-term goals.

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Why Gumley Haft?


We are proud to serve the community of New York condominiums and cooperatives for over 30 years. Our familiarity with all aspects of building management confronted by boards is extensive. We are relied on by some of the most desirable apartment buildings in the city. From financing an underlying mortgage, to establishing a preventive maintenance program, hiring and training new staff, or preparing for emergencies, our property managers are experienced with New York and what works.

Whether your building is a small luxury building on the Upper East Side, or a 300-unit high rise in the Upper West Side, we work with board members in all kinds of buildings. We know that what succeeds in one, may not be the right solution for another.