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Daniel J. Wollman, CEO

Welcome to Gumley Haft.

As one of the premier providers of property management services for some of the most distinguished properties in New York, we work tirelessly with our Board partners in finding creative solutions to solve everyday problems.

Guided by the principal that our role is to provide Boards with timely, accurate information to make well-informed, educated decisions, we understand that what might work well for one client, may not be the solution for another. Flexibility is critical in our approach to property management for different buildings and boards.

“We understand that what might work well for one client, may not be the solution for another.”

As we move towards our 30th year in business, we are honored to have built many long-term relationships by implementing our five-point, comprehensive property management plan; setting and delivering realistic expectations; and aspiring to provide a level of service for each Board to feel that their building is the only client we manage. https://gumleyhaft.com/services/property-management/

Since inception, we have been in the forefront of change as technology has led to huge advancements across our industry. Through Building Maintenance Systems (BMS), Superintendents now have the ability to monitor and control heating and cooling equipment, check and adjust water temperature and pressure, and view a building’s security system, all through a phone application.

Residents may pay their monthly charges and send work orders to building staff electronically, while receiving messages on their mobile device that a package or dry cleaning has been delivered. Water shutdowns and emergency announcements are broadcast building-wide instantaneously.

Boards receive sale and lease packages electronically. Through online services, daily advisories show if any Department of Building (DOB) permits are issued, violations posted, permits expired, required inspections to be scheduled, and more.

Over the years, we have worked with buildings of many architectural eras and sizes. In fact, one of our buildings recently celebrated its 135th birthday.  We have restored a 100-plus-year-old decorative copper cornice and roof of one of New York’s most prestigious apartment buildings, as a highlight among the management and completion of hundreds of millions of dollars of restoration and capital improvement projects.

In the effort to improve energy efficiency, reduce the carbon footprint, and comply with Local Law 87, we have worked with Boards on a variety of projects.

These include transitioning the lighting in common spaces to energy efficient fixtures and bulbs, as well as implementing efforts to reduce the use of energy and water in boilers, steam stations and HVAC equipment. We have overseen the conversion from oil as the primary fuel source for most of our buildings, to the cleaner, more efficient choice of natural gas.

And, we have managed emergencies both small, and of epic proportions, caused by natural and man-made disasters.

However, while we continue to adapt to the ever-changing laws and regulations that control our industry, what has become apparent is that some things never change. Clients demand and expect personal service, responsiveness and attention to detail. We consider every matter important, no matter how trivial it may seem. Our reputation, which depends on our ability to provide these services to some of New York’s most discerning clients, is impeccable.

“We provide a level of service for each Board to feel their building is the only client we manage.”

If you are considering new management, we welcome your call to explore how Gumley Haft could provide a customized program for the benefit of your building. https://gumleyhaft.com/why-gumley-haft/

Daniel J. Wollman
Chief Executive Officer
Gumley Haft