Property Management

Experienced in every facet of property management, Gumley Haft is relied upon by cooperative and condominium boards in some of New York’s most desirable apartment buildings.

Since 1989, Gumley Haft has brought premier real estate management services to both coop and condo boards throughout the city.  As an independently owned, mid-sized firm, the experienced team at Gumley Haft partners with boards throughout New York, managing approximately 7,000 units of residential apartments.

Gumley Haft is headed by Daniel Wollman, Chief Executive Officer, who has a background as a C.P.A. and is a financial expert for cooperatives and condominiums. Sound financial footing is critical to having a well-run building. Financial planning, budgeting, monitoring costs, implementing technology, and identifying opportunities to maximize funds present some of the strengths of Gumley Haft. Taking a hands-on role, Wollman oversees all account management teams, and directs the Gumley Haft construction division.

We handle major capital improvement projects in compliance with ever-changing building codes in New York City. Our experience includes working with architects, engineers, contractors, and our clients, on projects which have ranged from half a million dollars to over seven million dollars. Some have even made headlines.

Property managers at Gumley have years of expertise in solving issues confronted every day by cooperative and condominium buildings. From instituting programs of preventive maintenance, to incorporating the latest tools in technology and finance, the Gumley Haft team develops management strategies to improve operations for all our clientele. However, our approach is not one-size-for-all. We recognize that each board is different and a solution that works in one building may not be right for another. Flexibility is critical in developing customized programs and services based on the needs of each building.

Gumley Haft has built a reputation for excellence. We are known for bringing high standards to apartment buildings in a wide range of markets, from the Financial District to the Upper West Side, from Brooklyn to the Upper East Side. We manage pre-and-post-war buildings with over 300 units, as well as smaller, prestigious properties with 100 apartments or less,

Wherever your residence, and whatever its size, Gumley Haft property managers give the same level of attention to our clients.

When Gumley Haft manages your building, we treat it like we live there, too.

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