Financial Management for Coops and Condos

Some of New York’s most desirable cooperative and condominium apartment buildings depend on our expertise in financial management.

Daniel Wollman, Chief Executive Officer, is a CPA. He works continuously to strengthen financial management services at Gumley Haft, and has for over 25 years. Sound financial management is critical to a well-run building.

We continually update our accounting and reporting procedures to provide the most up-to-date services and technology. Our in-house team has developed meticulous systems to address the fiscal needs of our clients.

Each client is assigned a Finance Director, who oversees the daily finances of each building, and develops the annual operating and capital budgets in coordination with the Account Executive and Board.

For efficient tracking of payments and reporting, we have created strategic alliances with both AvidXchange and ClickPay. Some of the benefits include the ability for shareholders and unit owners to pay their monthly fees online. See our Make a Payment page for more information.

In addition to providing Boards with a monthly financial statement, we produce supplemental reports tailored to the specific needs of each client.

The range of services we provide includes:

  • Analyzing monthly financial statements and noting any significant variances
  • Planning and budgeting for the future needs of your building
  • Maximizing cash assets in the short-term
  • Preparation of documents necessary to compile the annual certified audit and tax preparation for each building
  • Management of accounts payable, receivable, budget and cash management.

At Gumley Haft, our aim is to improve the financial health of our clients. Talk to us about the challenges to reach short-and-long-term financial goals which may exist in your building.

While we may not have the solution today, our specialized expertise in financial management for coops and condos offers smart consideration of resolutions for tomorrow.

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