Why Choose Gumley Haft?


Expertise in New York property management is why coops and condos choose Gumley Haft.

We are proud to have served the New York community of apartment owners for over 25 years. Our familiarity with all aspects of building management is extensive, and we are relied on by some of the most desirable apartment buildings in the city. From financing an underlying mortgage, to establishing a preventive maintenance program, hiring and training new staff, or preparing for emergencies, our property managers are experienced with the New York real estate market and what works.

Whether you’re on the board of a small luxury building on the Upper East Side, or a 300-unit high rise in the Upper West Side, we work with board members in all kinds of buildings. Gumley Haft is known for our custom approach: what succeeds in one building, may not be the right solution for another.

And that’s where our expertise shows.


With more than 25 years in advisory roles in property management, we provide a wealth of information on any project.

Our expertise is evident in developing operating and capital budgets, or analyzing the need to modernize a building; handling resident issues or how to train staff. We see our role as partnering with board members to make decisions of benefit to  shareholders and unit owners.

We have worked on a huge range of projects, from major construction involving facade restoration to the installation of HVAC units for central air conditioning, to instituting admissions policies and procedures, to structuring loans and lines of credit, when necessary for the board.

Whatever your building’s unique circumstance or requirement, we investigate, explore, research and develop solutions working side-by-side with board members to meet every challenge successfully.

That’s what makes our job satisfying.

Customized Approach

In over 25 years, we’ve probably solved a million and one problems. Talk to us about yours. We take a personal approach to resolving the needs of every building and resident. We know that what works in one building, may not be the solution for another. Boards are as individual as the people participating, and the specifics of the building itself. We listen and learn what is needed from them both.

When Gumley Haft manages a building, boards receive an assigned team of experienced property managers, account executives, financial experts and back office staff who create customized programs, reports, and projects specific to the unique goals of each client, and in concert with board members. We assess what is needed from top to bottom, including reviewing the physical plant and recommending plans of preventive maintenance to extend the life of equipment and the building itself.

As seasoned professionals, Gumley Haft management draws on our combined experience handling day-to-day issues pertaining to residents, as well as managing complex, long-term issues which emerge in every building. We have expertise in New York property management for coops and condos since 1989. We bring hands-on skills, knowledge and insight as to how to efficiently fulfill the goals of each board with economy and intelligence.

Gumley Haft is known to bring a touch of luxury to all the buildings we manage. We’re a luxury your building can afford.


At Gumley Haft, we take a proactive stance to communication. We utilize overlapping methods of communication to inform residents of building and board activities. In accounts which subscribe to BuildingLink, we send email notifications to reach all shareholders and unit owners, in addition to distributing hard copy mailings and in-house memos to residents.

In the future, we are considering the addition of new electronic notification services. We will always maintain communicating by regular mail and hard copy distribution in our buildings to be sure everyone is informed.

Likewise, all Gumley Haft property managers are reachable 24/7 by multiple channels of communication, backed-up by support teams of real people.  Property management is a service business, after all, and devoted Gumley Haft staff prioritizes responding to messages promptly.

Board members have direct access to their Account Executive and an assigned assistant, who also has years of experience in New York building management. The Account Executive is also the first contact for residents with questions.

On a typical day, your management staff communicates with superintendents and resident managers, board members, and residents, as well as lawyers, accountants, architects, engineers, and contractors. In addition, we stay on top of communications issued by New York City agencies, which keep us up-to-date on the fast-changing laws and regulations for building compliance issues.

Management is in contact throughout the month with board members on the initiation and follow-through of anything from a competitive bidding process on construction jobs, to working on the Monthly Management Report, to matters involving building staff and individual resident issues.

We bring expertise in New York property management to some highly desirable buildings throughout the city. Whether you prefer to contact us offline or online, we are everywhere for our clients. Would you like to become one? Contact Daniel Wollman, Chief Executive Officer, 212-371-2525, or reach him at dwollman@gumleyhaft.com.

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