Construction Management

When a building needs major capital improvements, we work with Boards on planning, budgeting, design and construction management. Most importantly, we help Boards make decisions for a project to move forward.

From analyzing bids to completing a job, Gumley Haft has extensive experience in how to control and oversee a project’s progress, cost and quality of work to meet the expectations of our clients.

As buildings age, essential systems reach the end of their useful life and must be replaced, such as elevators, boilers, central air conditioning units, pumps, and more.  Projecting the life of building machinery and equipment is something Gumley Haft addresses in preventive maintenance programs.

Sometimes, the need for replacement presents opportunities for a Board to improve or correct other elements of a building’s infrastructure. We have managed building modernization, as well as full-scale construction projects: from elevators to roof replacements, façade restoration, and renovation of out-of-date lobbies and common hallways.

We work with large and small projects for residential buildings in New York – many in landmarked districts – with budgets from half a million to seven million dollars. In these roles, Gumley Haft supervises all aspects of construction.

Skilled services provided by Gumley Haft in construction management include:

  • Identify professionals, including architects, engineers and designers, who can appropriately determine the necessary work
  • Assess the proposed scope of work
  • Identify contractors capable of completing the work
  • Procure bids, organizing meetings with bidders and boards
  • Review cost estimates and negotiate contract
  • Recommend successful bidder and negotiate final contract

In addition, we administrate documents required by the project. In consultations with the engineer, architect or designer, we assess if work is performed correctly and in accordance with the contract.

Throughout construction, there are inevitable inconveniences which require the cooperation and patience of residents. We try to proceed with the least amount of disruption to the routine of a building. During construction, we communicate with residents with comprehensive updates on a regular basis.

When Gumley Haft handles construction management, our goal is for all parties to gain from new functionality, correcting structural issues, increasing aesthetics, and appreciating investment in your building.




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