Doormen vs. Security Guards: Who Loves Ya?

When choosing to hire a doorman or a security guard, its more than dollars and cents.

Managing Conflict: When Residents Take Sides

Inevitably, conflicts happen between neighbors, whether across a picket fence, or next door in a co-op or condo.

The Evolution of Property Management

Like other fields, property management has changed due to technology, but personal contact remains a priority.

Co-ops, Condos, & Social Media

Social media is glaringly absent from communication channels in the majority of residential communities.

Warranties and Service Agreements: What You Should Know

As in life, there are no guarantees when it comes to building systems, parts and components.

A Carnegie Hill Co-op That’s Powered by Committees

At many New York City co-ops and condos, the board is dominated by a small group of dedicated doers.

Elevators: When It's Time to Consider an Upgrade

New mandates by the Department of Buildings require elevators to be upgraded by Jan. 2020, and 2027. Now, boards are determining whether to do a full modernization or comply only with the individual laws.

Hygiene in Shared Amenities – Keeping It Clean

One of the biggest perks of modern multifamily living is the all-inclusive, amenity-rich building or HOA.

Capital Reserve Funds – How much do you need?

If a co-op or condo needs capital improvements, boards must decide to assess or acquire financing for the project. Which is better?

Building Demolition – Managing Chaos, Minimizing Disruption

When building a building happens next door, management gets involved to protect the people and residence in their charge.

Delivery Overload: Coping with Package Deliveries

The ever-increasing popularity of online commerce has changed people’s shopping habits — including the way apartment dwellers receive their deliveries.

A Co-op Forgot to Send the Storage Bill. Must the Resident Pay?

Balancing the rights of one shareholder against the co-op collective can be tricky when a big clerical error is made.

How to Keep Unwelcome Pigeons at Bay

Let your superintendent know if birds are coming to your windows. This is not a DIY job. Your building management will determine the proper solutions.

When a Neighbor is Taking Your Newspaper

Newspaper missing? If you have a neighbor who may be getting a freebie on your dime, bring it to the attention of management.

The Expensive Surprises That Lurk Behind Walls

Sometimes, maintaining the facade of a building can be a bit like peeling an onion. The deeper you go, the more you find.

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